How do I check my credits?
Review graduation requirements in the Sheridan High School Course Description Book. Access the guide online here or pick up a paper copy in the counseling office. A minimum of 24 credits in the following areas are required for high school graduation:

English – 4 credits

Math – 3 credits

Science – 3 credits

Social Studies – 3 credits

Physical Education – 1 credit

Health – 0.5 credit

Electives – 9.5 credits

Obtain a copy of your transcript. You may access your transcript online using infinite campus or ask the counseling office for a paper or PDF copy of your transcript.

Use the SHS Credit Check Sheet and your transcript to check off the classes you have successfully completed (passed with a D or higher). You may download the credit check sheet here or pick up a paper copy in the counseling office.

Once you have checked off the classes you have successfully completed, you will be able to see which required classes you still need to complete in order to graduate.

Why should I check my credits?
It is important that ALL students understand graduation requirements, understand how to read their transcript, and understand how to check their progress towards graduation. Please take responsibility for yourself—this is your education, your high school diploma, and your future!

Your school counselor will check your credits and help you get back on track if you are not on track for graduation. Each school counselor works with 250+ students and completes credit checks as quickly as possible. Please always make the effort to check your own transcript and schedule for accuracy. If you feel like something is incorrect, please bring this concern to your school counselor as soon as possible. Being proactive with your education will make it easier for the counseling office to correct any errors quickly so that you are completing all graduation requirements in a timely manner. Please help your school counselor help you by staying on top of your own education!

When should I worry about my credits?
9th grade: all freshmen start off with a blank slate, pass ALL of your classes to stay on track for graduation
10th grade: if you are entering 10th grade with less than 3 credits, you are behind in credits
11th grade: if you are entering 11th grade with less than 10 credits, you are behind in credits
12th grade: if you are entering 12th grade with less than 17 credits, you are behind in credits

What do I do if I am behind in credits?
If you are behind in credits, talk with your school counselor about your options to make up credits. This includes retaking classes, enrolling in credit recovery, enrolling in Summer School, or transferring to John C. Schiffer School.

New students: if you recently transferred to SHS, you will not be able to view your transcript until we have received all of your records from your previous school and transcribed all of your credits. If you pull up your transcript online, it may appear blank until all of your paperwork has been processed.