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On November 28th, Sheridan High School students will begin the registration process of selecting courses for the 2023-2024 school year. Though it seems to be a long way off, it is very important that we get started early in order to develop a master schedule and consider staffing needs. 

Counselors will be sharing registration details with students on Monday, November 21st and Tuesday, November 22nd. As parents, please begin having conversations about future interests with your student(s). Registration and planning has become a very complex undertaking with students, parents, and counselors needing to consider graduation requirements, personal interests, and Hathaway Scholarships etc. 

Students will be given a letter with each randomly selected registration time and date, a pass to leave class for the appointment, and instructions for students to select their required courses and electives online. They have also been sent an email with the course description booklet and online registration instructions. All courses must be requested in infinite campus on the online Multi Year Academic Planner (MYAP) before the student’s registration appointment. 

You may access the course description book and instructions online anytime. Please review with your student the 2023-2024 course description book, which can be found on our district website address of, click on SHS, and then counseling office. It is imperative that students show up for their appointments already having reviewed the course selections with their parents. 

Our counselors will meet with each student individually starting November 28th, in order to review course requirements, graduation requirements, and process student course selections for the 2023-2024 school year.  

Please be aware that your student’s registration appointment is only 10 minutes. If they miss their scheduled appointment, they will need to reschedule after all other appointments are complete.