Graduation Coach
School Number: (307)672-2495 ext. 3245
Cell Number: (307)461-5470

  • In 2017 George received an award, the MONTE (Many of Our Nation’s Top Educators) Award in San Bernardino from the teacher’s union. The union had formal nominations and an election. He received the award because he goes above and beyond as a teacher and coach to provide as many opportunities for students and staff as possible to succeed.
  • Host of an Educational Podcast and have created over 50 Health and Physical Education Videos.
  • Over 6 years experience in Education, five years in San Bernardino City Unified School District, 1 year in Hardin Public Schools.
  • In these roles I have taught a diverse student body and provided instructional support to students with a range of abilities. I aim to create a classroom where students feel safe, where they feel challenged but not overwhelmed and are encouraged to grow as students and as people. I also continue to have a deep desire to learn. I am always engaging in professional development and conferences so I can learn about the latest advances in pedagogy and content and provide my students with the best educational experience on offer.
  • He is available to meet with parents, staff, and students throughout the school year, regarding graduation and helping your students achieve their goals.
  • George’s latest job is to be a father of twin boys, Sean and Ciaran.